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WGS Extract

a desktop tool for verifying, analyzing and manipulating your DTC 30x WGS test results

Current release is Beta v2b (18 Feb 2020):

Note: The tool acronym is WGSE and is pronounced as “wig-see”. We encourage this use in English language onversation.

IMPORTANT: MacOSX Release Patch is available for Version Beta v2B. Fixes the install and starting of the program. (25 April 2020)

Note: Français Language Patch is available for Version Beta v2b. Adds Français language support to the existing English and Deutsch language support. (1 May 2020)

We use the Facebook group Dante Labs and Nebula Genomics Customers for discussions on how to make use of your Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) 30x Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) test results. Bugs, use cases and announcements about this tool happen there. As part of that groups Files section, you will find a number of useful companion documents and tool references. In particular, start with Bioinformatics for Newbies. This tool is geared toward the needs of genetic genealogy but may be helpful for this looking into health-releated uses of WHS tests. The sub-$500, DTC 30x WGS tests are delivered with their basic data files and maybe some health-related reports. This tool serves to fill the gap in linking the results to the needs of the genetic genealogy community.

Further documentation is available in our WGS Extract Developer’s Documentation Repository.

Developer’s should visit the main GitHub WGS Extract Developers Code Repository

The original, first year, historical release is documented here.

This page is located at https://WGSExtract.github.io/ and serves as the new WWW home for the tool. Once the new version without the reference models is released for distribution here, the historical IP-number site link will go away. The current manual short link of http://bit.ly/36Jdpnq will be redirected to this page as a more permanent link as well. Discussion for users will continue to be supported in the Facebook group.